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Doris and lulu

About Me...

My identity is a fusion of Chinese, Malaysian, and Canadian roots, shaped by the unique experiences of my upbringing in both Malaysia and Canada. These cultural heritages have had a profound influence on my life and has fueled my deep appreciation for the complexities of diversity.

My life experiences have created a keen awareness of the barriers and privileges that individuals can encounter based on their diverse needs and profiles. This understanding has driven my commitment to fostering inclusivity and empathy in all aspects of my life.

I speak English, Mandarin, and Bahasa Melayu. I also comprehend Cantonese and Hakka, and I have delved into the study of French and American Sign Language. This love for languages goes beyond mere words; it reflects my belief in the power of communication in all its forms, whether verbal or non-verbal.

My journey into therapy is deeply influenced by my upbringing as the child of immigrant parents who faced their share of challenges, including the struggle to communicate in English. This experience allowed me to develop the invaluable skill of code-switching, seamlessly adapting between languages and cultural contexts. It has allowed me to have a profound respect for the diverse ways in which people express themselves and connect with others.

I am also a proud owner of a therapy dog-in-training name Lulu. She's a "berne-doodle", a delightful blend of a Bernese Mountain dog and Poodle, who can weigh up to 80 pounds (depending on how thick her hair is that season). Lulu's presence in my life serves as a testament to my belief in the healing power of the human-animal bond, and she often brings warmth and comfort to my therapy sessions.