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Telepsychology is currently an option for accessing psychological treatement while maintaining social distancing during the corona virus / COVID-19 pandemic.

Telepsychology services (sometimes called “telemedicine”, teletherapy, online therapy, online counselling, distance psychology or e-therapy) are psychological services that involve the use of technological devices to deliver psychological services and information over distances. Telepsychology services are provided via secure video call over the internet (also sometimes called video therapy or video conferencing) or via the telephone. Privacy and confidentiality policies, laws and professional standards that apply to regular, in-office psychological services also apply to telepsychology services.

I currently offer telepsychology services for:

  • Individuals who are Alberta residents
  • Parents who require consultations for their children
  • Individual counselling for adults and teens
  • Tele-play therapy for children

Telepsychology may also be an option if you and/or your child:

  • prefer the ease and convenience of not having to travel to attend an in-office appointment
  • have situations or challenges that make it difficult for you to attend in-office sessions
  • are unable to drive or don’t have easy access to transportation
  • are comfortable using technology
  • want to have services provided to you by a Registered Psychologist


Tele-Play Therapy

In these challenging times now more than ever vulnerable children need support, in fact most children will be feeling some sort of anxiety with the Covid-19 Pandemic. Thus I am responding to the needs of families and their children by offering emotional support through Tele-Play Therapy. The need for social distancing and the curtailing of face to face direct contact has left many children without their regular peer and community supports. Tele-Play Therapy allows the Therapeutic support of Play Therapy to occur remotely.

For more questions on telepsychology services or to get started, feel free to contact me to book an appointment. I look forward to discussing with you what’s involved in telehealth sessions as we prepare for you to recieve therapy safely and comfortably from your home.


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